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Saturday, December 23, 2006


"Laura" accidently came up in my Friendster connection list one day and I was like "Gee! She is a beauty! I must ask her to be my friend". I checked her profile, apparently she is still a single, living in Singapore, a DJ, only 19 years old (never mind she is old enough :p).

She said on her profile that she doesn't want to receive any message from a male/boy (oh no!). But of course this will not prevent me from sending her a message anyway. So I did it. I sent her a message asking for her invitation or email. She never reply until now :(

And then today, surprise-surpise, I saw the photograph of "Laura", the very one used in Laura's friendster profile, and it is shocking, this is apparently the photograph of Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi, the Japanese Adult Video Star. Goodness me!!!!

So, "Laura" in my friendster list is not a real Laura. He/She is probably the addoring fans of Maria Ozawa, the Japanese/French/Canadian Adult Movie Star. I am sort of disappointed with this "revealation". It is disappointing because not only the beautiful "Laura" will never be my friend, she is also an Adult Video star. What a pity! Such a waste!

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