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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Crimes Against Humanity

Mr. Saddam Husein is now dead. He was hanged to death in a secret place, at 2 PM Melbourne time or 3 AM GMT. He was executed as a punishment of his "crimes against humanity". Presumably they are the "crimes" against the "humanity" as defined by people who defeated him.

The winner always re-write the rules and the definition of the words in the rules. "Crimes against humanity" is such a subjective term that people can twist it to their advantage. There is no doubt that Mr. Saddam Husein did use a "hard" approach when dealing with people who did not obey him. Reports and stories told that he governed his people with fear, and he did not hesitate to kill anyone who was not following him. There was only one person who could define rules when he was still the president of Iraq.

However, if Mr. Saddam Husein's order to kill the Iraqis was considered as a crime against humanity, was Mr. George Bush's order to send troops and bombs to Iraq to kill many hundred thousands of Iraqis (and to remove Mr. Saddam Husein and his government) considered as a crime as well? Apparently no, because that was a "help" for the Iraqis, to make their lives better "in the future" although the facts are now many Iraqis have lost their lives, loved ones, and perhaps lost their limbs and permanently disabled by bombs. All these are called "sacrifices", it is needed to build a more democratic and peaceful Iraq.

So what is actually "crimes against humanity"? Which "version of humanity" is it?

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