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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Summer Flies

Summer flies start to come out this week. I can see more flies flying around today, the hottest day so far in Melbourne. Summer fly "invasion" is "normal" in Victoria, and according to my Victorian friend, it is much worse in the country side. And lots of mosquito there as well!

The flies are quite annoying because they tend to fly around our head, especially eyes, nose and mouth while we are walking on a street. I wonder why they like flying around human head. Is it due to the ultra violete reflection that attracts the flies? Or is it the smell of our hair? Or our nose? Or our mouth (ugh....halitosis can attract summer flies? yukkk...).

Speaking and breathing in open space in Melbourne need to be done carefully during summer because the flies sometime can fly directly to our mouth and nose and try to sneak in. I am sure it is not funny to have flies in our mouth or nose.

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