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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Blissful Thinker

First of all, it is Blissful Thinker and not 'blissfull' thinker. Some people, whose English is most likely not their first language, often got it wrong and write it as 'blissfull' instead of 'blissful'. It is understandable because it sounds like a word formed by two other words: bliss and full (therefore it is simply understood as blissfull, which is wrong according the Oxford English Dictionary (http://dictionary.oed.com/).

So what is a 'blissful thinker'? Blissful (of persons), an adjective, by definition is people who are joyous, full of bliss, or happy in the highest order. Thinker, a noun, is a person who is being engaged in thinking or simply one who thinks. A blissful thinker is therefore someone of a happy bunny bunch who thinks of all happy things and make all things look simple and rosy?? Did I get it right?

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