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Monday, January 07, 2008

Do Not Queue in Spain...

Especially when you are waiting for a bus.

This is not a joke. If you try to queue and think the person in front of you IS in the queuing line, then make sure he/she IS QUEUING. Otherwise, the bus driver will just quickly close the bus door, leaving you screaming and swearing, because the person in front of you does not move at all and the bus driver thought all passengers have boarded.

Some locals like to stand very close to the entry door of a bus although they are not going to board in to the bus. I learnt from experiences that being nice and trying to queue behind someone who looks like going to board a bus and waiting for him to move is a disadvantage for myself. Once I realised the person in front of me, who blocked my way to get into the bus, was not going to board the bus, it was too late, the buy driver was annoyed so he just departed, leaving me baffled. More annoyingly the person who blocked my way didn't even say sorry or any word at all.


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sigit said...

Cak Min,

...whether the bus is a kind like trem, or busway in Jakarta, Indonesia...?