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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year 2008, may the coming year brings you a lot more successes, good health, happiness and a better life.
Feliz Año Nuevo....
And now, it's the right time for Liverpool FC to move closer to the leading pack, let's beat Manchester City!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Atocha Station

Atocha Station, the main train station of Madrid, connecting high speed train to big cities around Spain, such as Sevilla, Cordoba, Barcelona and Cadiz, and two buildings around it.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Traffic "Jam" in Madrid

These two photos represent what people here call "traffic jam" or "heavy traffic" that make them reluctant to drive their cars in the city centre. Nowhere like the "heavy traffic" of Jakarta, for sure.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Parque del Buen Retiro

Two photographs taken from Parque del Buen Retiro in Madrid.

Gran Via, Madrid

Some photographs of Calle Gran Via in Madrid, taken by using Nokia 6288. A busy street with a numbers of Cinemas, heaps of stores and restaurants.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Liverpool vs Real Madrid, Please!

All I want for Christmas is....

Liverpool to be paired against Real Madrid in the last 16 of UEFA Champions League.


Saturday, December 08, 2007

Atlas Oil & Gas - Nigeria - Scam

If you receive this recruitment email in the future, just delete and disregard it, it is obviously a scam. For a start, any company or any recruitment agent, who uses a yahoo webmail address for communication is a crap company. Don't waste your time to deal with them.

Secondly, atlastoil-gas.llc.nu is a valid address but it has nothing in it because it is hosted by 2ip.com, which is a free subdomain website provider. A real company should not have a subdomain hosted in 2ip.com. This is clearly dodgy.

Anyway, here is the email:

Career Opportunity in Atlas Oil and Gas

Atlas Oil & Gas
Office- 102 West Misnister,
Oshodi Apapa Express Way
Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone- +234-1-8967609,+234-1-8507693
Fax- +234-1-7916561

Career Opportunity in Atlas Oil and Gas

Atlas Oil &Gas Company is an emergent dynamic company committed to the provision ofworld-class surveying and geo-spatial data services to oil and gas andlarge-scale construction efforts onshore and offshore in Nigeria and theAfrican west coast.

AtlasOil & Gas Company is recruiting skilled workers for the enlargement of theorganization, for rehabilitations of oil and gas pipe lines in Nigeria andalso for the renovation of the countries refinery.

Atlas Oil &Gas is recruiting candidate from different department from 0 to 30 years ofworking experience.

Atlas Oil &Gas Company has gone through legal recruiting agents on the internet and ourresume was short listed among others by the recruiting management of theCompany, We here by request for your updated Curriculum Vitae (Resume) if youare interested to relocate to Nigeriafor a promising career that includes bellow benefits.

Benefits Package.
1.) Avery attractive monthly salary based on qualification
2.) An open ended contract with high savings potential
3.) Quality single or family housing in Company communities
4.) Free medical care in Nigeria for contractor and family
5.) Accident Insurance
6.) Excellent educational assistance benefits with familystatus contracts
7.) Paid airfares allowing full flexibility with holidaytravel
8.) Personal effects shipment and excess baggage allowances
9.) Access to some of the finest social and recreationalfacilities in Nigeriae.t.c

Atlas Oil & Gasneeds your positive response if you are interested by you sending your UpdatedCurriculum Vitae (Resume) to the recruiting Manager, his name and contact is asfollows.

Name- Engr Gbenga Williams.
E-mail- gbenga@atlastoil-gas.llc.nu or gbengawill@yahoo.com
Phone- +234-8063829418

You can reach on to us on Phone+234-1-8967609, +234-1-8507693 , Fax- +234-1-7916561 and e-mail- info@atlastoil-gas.llc.nu , Further information of the company will begiven to you by Engr Gbenga Williams.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Metro or Bus?

Moving around Madrid is very easy because transportation network in the city is excellent. This opinion, of course, is from somone who used to live in an overcrowded city in a third world/developing country, namely Jakarta. Jakarta's traffic is a mess and its transportation network is the same. Buses and trains are normally overcrowded during busy hours. The vehicles' condition is mostly bad and getting trapped in a traffic jam and going nowhere for half an hour or even an hour is considered normal in Jakarta. The worst traffic jam in Madrid is still better than the "normal" traffic jam during busy hours in Jakarta. Check this website to read more about this story.

Anyway, this is not a story about how good the traffic jam in Madrid is in comparison to that in Jakarta but about the two most convenient transportation modes in Madrid. The first one is underground train and the second inner city bus.

The people of Madrid are very proud of their underground train network or METRO as they call it here. It has many stations around the city, well-connected between metro lines (routes), well-connected to the bus and surface railway stations and it is one of the oldest underground train networks in Europe. More importantly, all metro stations in Madrid have clear signs, which are easy to follow although we don't speak Spanish and the stations are clean.

However, it doesn't mean there is no negative points about the metro stations in Madrid. The negative points are: first they don't have toilets at all and second some of them have no elevator, which can cause trouble for grandmas and grandpas and not accessible for the disabled people. Nevertheless, travelling by using metro in Madrid is generally quick, easy and convenient but we cannot enjoy the view of the city because all are underground.

If we want to enjoy the view of Madrid, then travelling by bus is the better option. Public bus in Madrid are well-maintained, most of them are new, clean and well-connected between bus route. There are lots of haltes in Madrid and they usually have enough information for us to find our way. There is a transporation map of the city in every halte and there is, of course, time table information for the particular bus routes that pass by the halte.

It is important to note that buses in Madrid are often full of passangers and it is fair to say that travelling by buses during busy hours can be a pain in the arse, well not arse but rather feet, because we probably have to stand in the bus all the way to our destination.

The puublic bus service in Madrid is managed by The Municipal Transport Company of Madrid S.A.. Its abbreviation is EMT or Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid S.A. Its website is at http://www.emtmadrid.es/index.html?lang=eng. The website of EMT is an important source of information for travelling in Madrid by bus because it contains all bus routes in the city. We can find the exact location and halte numbers of the bus we want to travel with in the EMT website.

So, metro or bus, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Both are useful, modern and well managed.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Lifestyle Consultant

A new concept of service is now being provided by a company called Mandhala based in Madrid. This company gives advices to clients who would like to enhance their personal image, enjoy lives and get to know more about lifestyle in the city.

The company provides information about what to do, where to go and how to enjoy live in Spain and Madrid in particular. It also advices on what clothes to wear and where to shop them, what exhibition and social/club party to attend. Furhtermore , entry tickets to any exhibition or cinemas can also be provided by the company. Basically it can provide anything related to lifestyle to clients who have no time to organize it themselves.

The concept of personal service provided by a lifestyle consultant is a bit different from that provided by a life mentor. A life mentor usually deals with behaviour and problems of his/her client and suggests them on how to deal with the clients' personal problems. A lifestyle consultant, on the other hand, deals with the enjoyable side of life of their clients. A lifestyle consultant does not sell service on how to deal with emotional problem or bad-mood and daily life problem with office colleagues, for example.

Being a lifestyle consultant means it is neccesary to know much about nearly everythings, including at least: tourist places, food, dressing style, the entertainment world, shopping centres, cultural festivals and transportation network. Knowing transporation network is important because it is related to information on how to get to the attraction places efficiently.

It will be interesting to find out if this kind of service is really needed and whether or not it can be a trend for the future model of personal service business. One thing is clear though, being familiar with a new environment is needed by people who are being assigned to a new place, therefore this service is useful for foreigners, like me (it's a pity I don't have enough money to hire a lifestyle consultant).

Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas Gift

What kind of gift would you want for Christmas?

A new car? Easy, as long as you have much money or your parents have lots of money or your partner has lots of money.

A new house? This is easy, too, again as long as you have money to buy it.

A new girlfriend/boyfriend? Well, although it is not that easy but still there is a chance you can get it.

Now what about peace in the Middle East?

What about no more "terrorism", any kind of terrorism, in the world?

What should we do to achieve it? It cannot be bought by using our money, neither can it be forced by power. We have no influence to engineer anything. We cannot prevent those with power to keep sending troops, either. Will Santa give us this kind of gift?