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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Atlas Oil & Gas - Nigeria - Scam

If you receive this recruitment email in the future, just delete and disregard it, it is obviously a scam. For a start, any company or any recruitment agent, who uses a yahoo webmail address for communication is a crap company. Don't waste your time to deal with them.

Secondly, atlastoil-gas.llc.nu is a valid address but it has nothing in it because it is hosted by 2ip.com, which is a free subdomain website provider. A real company should not have a subdomain hosted in 2ip.com. This is clearly dodgy.

Anyway, here is the email:

Career Opportunity in Atlas Oil and Gas

Atlas Oil & Gas
Office- 102 West Misnister,
Oshodi Apapa Express Way
Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone- +234-1-8967609,+234-1-8507693
Fax- +234-1-7916561

Career Opportunity in Atlas Oil and Gas

Atlas Oil &Gas Company is an emergent dynamic company committed to the provision ofworld-class surveying and geo-spatial data services to oil and gas andlarge-scale construction efforts onshore and offshore in Nigeria and theAfrican west coast.

AtlasOil & Gas Company is recruiting skilled workers for the enlargement of theorganization, for rehabilitations of oil and gas pipe lines in Nigeria andalso for the renovation of the countries refinery.

Atlas Oil &Gas is recruiting candidate from different department from 0 to 30 years ofworking experience.

Atlas Oil &Gas Company has gone through legal recruiting agents on the internet and ourresume was short listed among others by the recruiting management of theCompany, We here by request for your updated Curriculum Vitae (Resume) if youare interested to relocate to Nigeriafor a promising career that includes bellow benefits.

Benefits Package.
1.) Avery attractive monthly salary based on qualification
2.) An open ended contract with high savings potential
3.) Quality single or family housing in Company communities
4.) Free medical care in Nigeria for contractor and family
5.) Accident Insurance
6.) Excellent educational assistance benefits with familystatus contracts
7.) Paid airfares allowing full flexibility with holidaytravel
8.) Personal effects shipment and excess baggage allowances
9.) Access to some of the finest social and recreationalfacilities in Nigeriae.t.c

Atlas Oil & Gasneeds your positive response if you are interested by you sending your UpdatedCurriculum Vitae (Resume) to the recruiting Manager, his name and contact is asfollows.

Name- Engr Gbenga Williams.
E-mail- gbenga@atlastoil-gas.llc.nu or gbengawill@yahoo.com
Phone- +234-8063829418

You can reach on to us on Phone+234-1-8967609, +234-1-8507693 , Fax- +234-1-7916561 and e-mail- info@atlastoil-gas.llc.nu , Further information of the company will begiven to you by Engr Gbenga Williams.

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Ricardo Elias said...

Thanks for the information. I received the same email just today. I am from Indon as well, me a Indo+Chinese. Currently, I am a business development exec for a strategic land investments firm in Jkt ( a singapore based co).
You can log to my blog http://ricelias.blogspot.com/
If we can do something together, please do keep in touch.