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Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Day in the Life of a Post-Grad Student

A day in the life of a post-grad student:

08.30 AM: Morning alarm (turn off alarm, laying on the bed for 10 more minutes before taking shower, this is the plan)
09.30 AM: Wake-up and realize it is already 30 minutes late (this is the actual)
10.00 AM: Breakfast, check world news
11.00 AM: Arrive at the univ., turn on computer, check emails part 1
12.00 PM: Morning coffee, socializing and building network until...
01.30 PM: Lunch
02.30 PM: Afternoon nap
04.00 PM: Check emails part 2, browsing football forums
05.00 PM: Doing research
06.00 PM: Happy hour
07.30 PM: Dinner
08.30 PM: Check emails part 3
09.30 PM: Making phone calls back home
10.30 PM: Writing for blogs, browsing, check emails part 4, until...
12.30 AM: Call it a day and take a rest, preparing for another hard day at school

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