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Monday, March 19, 2007

Don't Worry About the Change


"Oh, hi!"

"Here is your money, don't worry about the change!"

"Oh okay, thanks, you're very generous!"

"No worries!"

Those were my conversation with someone who paid me back some amount of money the person owed me.

At first, I really thought, "Wow! This person is really generous." And then when I saw the money, I was given $17. And the amount I should get from this person was $16.80.

So, I was told not to worry about $0.20 change, 20 cents ladies and gentlemen. I thought the person wanted to show some generosity, but obviously I expected too much too soon. The person who gave me money was right, I should not worry about searching a 20 cents coin for the change :)

Hillarious! :D

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