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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Damn Changi Airport Security

My luggage lock was broken and disposed by Changi airport security. I know it must be them! It must be them because they tightened up the security check last night. Farking unbelievable! Damn this Singaporean airport customs! They checked the hand luggages of all passangers who just arrived at the aiport, as if we were smuggling drugs or something. They must be searching for people to hang again, they have too much spare time and nothing else to do but thinking to put someone to a death sentence.

It was very annoying when I found out the lock of my checked luggage has disappeared when I collected by luggage in Melbourne airport this morning. I saw no sticker/message/note saying the luggage was opened by whom for whatever reason, all I saw was my lock disappered. It is a new lock by the way, and I bought it in Changi Aiport as well during my transit from Melbourne to Jakarta 4 nights ago. I can't believe the new lock that I just used for the first time, which I bought in Singapore, was disposed by the Singaporean government. I felt like this is a conspiracy between the government and the traders to make me spending more money to buy new locks in Singapore in the future so that they can just take it off my luggage again.

I have no idea why they did it to my luggage. It is possible that they thought I have something suspicious in my luggage. I didn't have anything that would be of interest to the farking custom officers apart from a bottle of Gaviscon in my checked luggage. That's it! Damn, damn, damn!!!

1 comment:

Lili said...

Cak, aku pikir cuman aku doang yaa pernah kesel di sana.
Stroller baru Fawwaz yg cukup lumayan gak murah robek pinggirnya pas udah nyampe Jakarta...

Robeknya pas karet elastis yg usah banget gantinya...waaaaa